The Aaditya Spine Hospital Growth Story

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We, at Aaditya Spine Hospitals, are committed to excellence and quality with an established focus on the well-being of our patients. We provide the right mix of cutting-edge technology, warmth and compassionate care. Backed by the best team of medical professionals and procedures, we offer the best in private healthcare in a cost-effective way.

Our Expertise

The Aaditya Spine Hospital Growth Story

The Aaditya Spine Hospital Growth Story Celebrating 10 years of the best spine and pain management hospital in India

Our spine specialists are better poised to diagnose your spinal problem. Consequently, they map flawless strategies for the treatment and recovery of patients.



60 Reviews


75+ Reviews


75+ Reviews

Aaditya Spine Hospital Expert Team

Your healthy spine is our topmost priority We believe compassionate care and service lay down the foundation for quality healthcare.

Dr. Apurva Acharya

Spine fellow (Japan & Bombay)
M. S. (Ortho.)
Spine Surgeon

Dr. Manan Patel

(B.P.T, GPC)
Chief Physiotherapist-Rehab Specialist and Counselor, Co-ordinator

Dr. Het Shah

(B.P.T, GPC)
Chief Physiotherapist and Counselor for Ladies

Viren Shah

Pharmacist & Counselor

Ravi Shah

Receptionist & Counselor


Receptionist & Counselor, Part Time


Receptionist & Counselor, Part Time

Nursing Staff


Nursing Sister


Assistant Nursing, Counselor





A Few Words About Us

About Us​

Dr. Apurv Acharya has been practicing exclusive spine surgery, His expertise includes management of all types of spinal disorders like traumatic, non-traumatic, degenerative, tumor, deformity or complex spinal reconstructions. He has been performing Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS) since his return to India. He has more than 250 MIS Micro-endoscopic discectomies (MED) to his credit and also undertakes MIS Decompressions, Fixations and Fusions. He has performed Artificial Disc Replacements in many patients. delivered successful & satisfactory treatment for Spine & Orthopedic problems to more than 12,000 patients suffering from simple backache to most complex spine deformities like kyphosis, scoliosis, basilar impression, atlantoaxial subluxation & Compressive Myelopathy As betterment of his services to Society, he is Starting Well Equipped, Modern & Dedicated Spine Care Center as Aaditya Spine Hospital & Research Institute.
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