Your spine is made up of 4 parts: Bones, Discs, Nerves & Soft Tissue (Muscle).

Key parts of your spine include vertebrae (bones), discs, nerves and the spinal cord. The spine supports your body and helps you walk, twist and move. The disks that cushion vertebrae may compress with age or injury, leading to a herniated disk. Exercises can strengthen the core muscles that support the spine and prevent back injuries and back pain.

" Operative as well Non-Surgical Treatments for diseases of Spinal Column & Vertebra "
  • Back Pain, Sciatica & Nerve Compression
  • Osteoporosis & age Related Problems
  • Fracture – dislocation of spine – Paraplegia &quadriplegia
  • Spondylosis,  Neck Pain, Slip Disk & Slip Vertebra
  • Spine TB, Tumors & Spondylitis
  • Deformed Spine – Children & Adults
  • Spine Reconstruction & Revision Spine Surgery
  • Key-hole Spine surgery
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" Physio-Rehab Centre "

A Dedicated & well-trained team of Physiotherapist encourage & help patients to get well soon during treatments & after surgery. They also provide home visit rehabilitation physiotherapy to patients on demand.

" Pain Clinic "

Well-trained specialists deliver various pain relief modalities like transforaminal, caudal, interlaminar epidural injections & llTV guided nerve root blocks to patients selecting non-operative treatment due to co-morbidities & high anesthesia risk or patients having less serious problems or patients suffering from painful spinal tumors & metastasis.

After spine surgeries Advanced Facilities like Epidural catheter, Easy pump& infusion pump help patients to remain pain-free & encourage them to stand & walk sooner.

" Spine Care Clinic "

For awareness among  confused or solution-seeking patients  & medicos having or treating chronic or non-resolving following problems, Seminars, Group discussion & Meetings are available on regular basis :

  • Cervical & lumbar Spondylosis, Arthritis & Spondylitis
  • Chronic pain syndromes – Postural & Muscular back & neck pain
  • Sciatica & spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis  & Lysis
  • Spinal deformities e.g. Kyphosis & Scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis & age related problems
  • Spinal Injuries – Fracture – Paraplegia & Quadriplegia
  • Spinal Infections – tuberculosis & tumors
  • Incompletely resolved problems despite spine surgery – Failed Spine Surgery Syndrome
" Orthopaedic Clinic for Special Surgery "

On-demand of patients, on-call & panel orthopaedic super-specialists are available for problems like :

  • Congenital  anomalies  and  Cerebral   palsy  – Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Arthritis and rheumatism, Joint replacement -TKR & THR
  • Arthroscopy – Diagnostic & therapeutic
  • Complex fractures,  non-union  &  releated Complications

Dr. Apurv Acharya

Spine fellow (Japan & Bombay)
M. S. (Ortho.) Spine Surgeon

After passing M.S. (Ortho.) in 2001 at Civil Hospital & B.J. Medical College,  Ahmedabad, Dr. Apurv Acharya served for 11 Years as asst. professor at Civil Hospital & Government Spine Institute (formerly Paraplegia Center). During this tenure, he received training & achieved the experience of working with Leading Orthopedic & Spine Surgeons. He was selected as Overseas Scholar & Spine Fellow by world-renowned spine specialists in Japan who are pioneers to develop modern techniques to fix the spine & treat complex CV Junction & cervical spine problems. He had been trained with spine super-specialists at well-known Institutes like Bombay Hospital & AllMS & ISIC (Delhi). He has delivered many podium & poster presentations & participated in case discussions at regional, national & international conferences. He is a co-author in International Publication. Since couple of years he is consulting at Orthopedic Clinic for Special Surgery & Aaditya Spine Clinic which are only exclusive spine care clinics in the south eastern parts of Ahmedabad. 
He has delivered successful & satisfactory treatment for Spine & Orthopedic problems to more than 12,000 patients suffering from simple backache to most complex spine deformities like kyphosis, scoliosis, basilar impression, atlantoaxial subluxation & Compressive Myelopathy As betterment of his services to Society, he is Starting Well Equipped, Modern & Dedicated Spine Care Center as Aaditya Spine Hospital & Research Institute.
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